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Robert Socha

Journalist, lawyer, consultant

Robert Socha

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Journalist, lawyer, consultant

I help my clients to find the truth and win in the court of public opinion.


My specialty is advanced open source research, especially for the purpose of verifying counterparties; crisis communication, and public speaking.

For several years, I was an investigative journalist at TVN. As a lawyer with prosecutorial training, I could see more. I also worked at Google News Lab as the lead trainer for media and journalists in Central and Eastern Europe. As one of the few Polish journalists, I was a fellow of the prestigious Nieman Foundation program at Harvard University in the USA (2016/2017).

As part of my Storytelling Academy project, I conduct training in verification and fact-checking, help fight disinformation, and teach media literacy. I advise on journalistic projects and speak at media conferences. I run storytelling workshops for business clients. Years of working as a journalist have taught me that there is always a story to be told, and every change begins with a story.

television experience

Selected documentaries

I am the author of over a hundred TV documentaries and the recipient of numerous journalism awards. Below are some examples of my work.


Harvard experience

I spent a year at Harvard University in the US (2016/2017) as a fellow of the prestigious Nieman Foundation program. It was a year of inspiring experiences and valuable connections. I attended classes at Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and MIT Media Lab. In my cohort, there were journalists from local media outlets as well as major American and global news organizations.


I am also a graduate of the Leadership Academy for Poland (Center for Leadership). It is one of the top leadership development programs in Europe, with professors from institutions such as Harvard University among the lecturers.


I have a law degree from Jagiellonian University in Krakow. After my studies, I completed a prosecutor’s apprenticeship and passed the prosecutor’s exam.