Three pillars



We create communication strategies. The world will hear about you and know your story, because there is always a story to tell. We will help you find it. Today, every company is a media company. Your company is also a publisher of information that reaches your employees, customers and investors.

Crisis communication

The best anti-crisis measures are those that no one ever knows about because potential crises have been spotted at an early stage. We will prepare you for a crisis and, when it arrives, help you manage it to turn it into a success. We will help you to listen and monitor your environment and respond at an early stage.

Litigation PR

Communication during legal disputes and litigation. The court of public opinion is fast and unappealing, so precision and moderation are the basic principles that guide us. In cooperation with lawyers, we will look after your interests in the court of public opinion.

Reports and analyses

We create reports and market analyses. They may be about your industry, a specific market or product. Substantive reports for publication and created by you are an excellent tool for promoting your company.

Advanced research


We provide information for all those who make strategic decisions. OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) are advanced techniques for finding information from publicly available and legitimate sources. Such information can come in handy to verify a potential contractor, employee or business partner; it can also help in debt collection (skip tracing) and internal investigations (due diligence, background vetting, compliance proceedings, etc.).


Litigation Support


Using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) techniques, we will gather information for legal disputes and litigation; we will secure digital evidence. We combine the expertise of former investigative journalists with technology and tools that allow you to see more.

Public speaking and personal branding


You will learn how to speak so that others will listen. You will see many examples and learn the practical aspects of public speaking. You will learn how to avoid the traps set by the media. We can invite a professional camera operator to the training, and we can also hire a TV studio. Our training is a great option for a management team-building trip. We also offer preparation for key public speeches.


OSINT in business


Gain an edge with solid research. You will learn techniques for advanced information retrieval and for reaching websites that (theoretically) no longer exist. You will learn how to use various search engines (not just Google) and AI tools such as ChatGPT for in-depth research. You will learn about official and unofficial, Polish and foreign registers. You will learn to monitor the internet, follow trends and the competition.


Storytelling in business


Nowadays, every company is a media company, because it is a publisher of information that reaches employees, customers and investors. Conscious companies rely on quality communication with a strong journalistic DNA. Nothing will set you better apart from the crowd and your competitors than a well-told story.


Verification, fact-checking and identifying misinformation


Learn how to get to the truth and quality information quickly. Learn the tools and methods of verification and fact-checking.


Crisis communication


Win a crisis and turn it into a success – there are many examples and ways to do this. The best anti-crisis measures are those that no one ever found out about because potential crises have been nipped in the bud. Prepare for a potential crisis and equip yourself with the right tools and procedures, because when it comes, you won’t have the time.


The court of law versus the court of public opinion


(dedicated training for lawyers)

“The court of public opinion” is fast, efficient and unappealing. Legal action often triggers a reaction from the public and vice versa – certain publications can lead to legal action. The training highlights the practical aspects of working with the media during disputes and proceedings that generate public interest, including in the area of social media.